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Mobile internet modem not monitored

Oct 29, 2009 at 1:00 PM


I found this software when looking a way to limit the data on 3G mobile internet modems.
I work at a company were we use over 40 of these, and all of them have a data-limit, which is around 400mb.
If a user uses more, they will be charged for it. The problem that arises is, a user does not know when its using more then 400mb..

FreeMeter Revival seems to be the right software for the job, but it doesn't monitor the data use of the modem.. The modem is found, and listed (graph ->Interfaces), but no activity is seen..

Then there is no. 2;
Because the users connect to wireless networks too (which are off course, without a data limit) I would like to limit the data on 1 network interface and not all the interfaces together..
The main problem that there is here, is that the modem is USB and removed if not used..

The provider has monitoring software coming with the modem, but it doesn't work well.. sometimes it says you used 18GB of data in 3 hours (3.6mb/ps max. uhu..)

So, what I'm actually asking is; Would it be possible to fix the 'modem is not monitored' bug, and implement an extra feature; 'limit use on one network interface only'

Many thanks in advance!